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Elixir Water
1. Product Information Product Category: Portable Water Purifier Item: Elixir Water Model: ERW-100E Country of Origin: Taiwan Certification: KDF , SGS, NSF 2. Functions Filters out odors, impurities, residual hazards, and harmful chem
Treasure for better health: CGF Resveratrol
1.Product Information Product Category: Health Food Item: Treasure for better health: CGF Resveratrol Model: SU-2 Country of Origin: Taiwan Certification: SGS 2. Main Components Grapeskin extract, pineapple extract, blueberry extract, acai berry e
Speedy Health CGF algae extract powder
1.        Promote body environment, helpful to maintain the function of digestive system and make the defecation smooth. 2.        Adjust physique, helpful to the acid base balance, increase immunity, and activate cells. 3.        Reduce the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acid, helpful to maintain

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SHYHUEI Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, and we mainly sell cosmetics, skin care products, health care products, and water purifier retail, etc.

Our products are natural, healthy, and no burden to human body. Besides, our products all possess certification, and have marks of brand, ingredient and certification. Because the products we produce have considerable credibility, consumers will feel comfort while using or eating our products.

We also provide follow-up after-sales services to fulfill needs of customers.


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