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O3 Ozonation Generator is a device to provide ozonated water. It has three sections of water mixing phases to enhance the effect of dissolution of ozone and water. Other than sterilizing,
 our product also serve the functions of deodorant, detoxification and preservation. The product is installed at faucet for use; small in size and easy to install. It is convenient to use and environmentally friendly.

Functions  Detoxification, Preservation, Deodorization, and Sterilization

Use for regular hand washing to kill bacteria.
Use for regular gargle to improve oral hygiene.
Use for washing vegetables,fruits, fish and meats to eliminate pesticide residues and remove odors for prolonged preservation.
Use for cleaning kitchenware,rag (soaking in O3 for 5 mins), chopping board, and knifes: kill bacteria and deodorize.
Use for cleaning toothbrush, towels (soaking in O3 for 5 mins), baby bottles, bibs, pillow cases,toys.


1.Strong sterilization ability 2.Does not occupy space 3.Easy to install 4.Easy to use 5.No secondary pollution 6.No consumables required

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